Mary Reemst

Board Member

Board Members

Mary was appointed Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Macquarie Bank Limited on 1 July 2014.

Macquarie Bank Limited is the Authorised Deposit-Taking Institution (“ADI”) for Macquarie Group Limited.  As CEO of Macquarie Bank Limited, Mary has oversight of businesses within the regulated ADI.  She is also a member of Macquarie Group’s Executive Committee and the Macquarie Bank Limited Board.

Mary joined Macquarie in August 1999 and held senior roles in the Group’s infrastructure advisory area focusing on the energy sector.  In 2003, Mary was appointed Head of the Credit division in Macquarie’s Risk Management Group and had oversight of credit exposures taken by the Group internationally, including lending, trading activities, equity investments and new products.  She held this role until her appointment as Managing Director and CEO of Macquarie Bank Limited.

Prior to joining Macquarie, Mary held a range of senior roles with Bankers Trust Australia.  She joined Macquarie upon the Group’s acquisition of Bankers’ Trust Australia in 1999.

Mary is a director of the Australian Bankers Association, the Australian Financial Markets Association and the Financial Markets Foundation for Children.  She is on the board of Asylum Seekers Centre Incorporated and a member of Chief Executive Women.