Top Blokes Foundation is a young male health organisation that runs group mentoring programs for boys and young men aged 10–24 years. The organisation aims to have a positive impact on some scary stats, for example:

  •         Suicide is the biggest killer of males aged 15–44
  •         Young men are more than 3 times as likely to die in motor vehicle accidents as young women
  •         95% of one-punch fatalities are male
  •         90% of young people in detention are male 

How did a Community Grant help the Top Blokes Foundation? 

Thanks to the support of our donors, the Sisters of Charity Foundation was able to provide a $10K+ Community Grant to the Top Blokes Foundation’s Building Blokes program. Qualified and experienced mentors help young males aged 16–24 discuss and develop skills around issues such as mental health, peer pressure, risk-taking, anger management, positive masculinity, healthy relationships, drugs, alcohol and online behaviours.

Top Blokes Foundation - Tom

Tom, now a father, graduated from the Building Blokes program and has learned how to create healthier relationships.

Tom’s journey towards becoming a Top Bloke 

Tom was 20 when he started the Building Blokes program. “I was someone who was constantly in money woes and struggled to gain and hold employment. I had my own landscaping business, but I hated the work and found it very repetitive. When I lost my licence, I lost my motivation and my means of getting an income,” he says. “With unemployment, I turned to drinking. I wasn’t really connecting with anyone either – I didn’t really have many good friends since I’d moved from home to find work. I talked to mum, but we often fought.”

Tom says the mentors shared their personal stories and he started to see there were other ways to deal with difficult situations. “The group felt like a place you could say anything and you wouldn’t be judged,” he relates. “I was able to open up about all the things I had been through and realised some hard truths about myself, like my drinking and anger. The more sessions I attended, the more positive changes I started seeing. I started replacing my boredom and urge to drink with more productive things.”

Tom stopped drinking and started working again. He has a new partner and is now a father. “During the program, we talked about what it means to be a top bloke – how it’s about taking responsibility and helping others when I can,” he explains. “I’m really proud of how level-headed I’ve become.”

How to support our Community Grants program

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