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At only 16, Jasmine was forced to move out of home due to family breakdown. During the next few years she journeyed into transitional housing and independent living – which had a big impact on her education and stability.

Despite these challenges, Jasmine dreamt of university. “I focused on studying a lot to occupy my mind,” she explains. “I wanted a good degree that would allow me to help people like myself in the future.” She was accepted into a Bachelor of Social Sciences, majoring in Criminology, at Macquarie University – but at first, she struggled to cope.

Why Jasmine applied for the scholarship

“I decided to apply for the scholarship because I was under an extreme amount of stress and pressure – I was studying, living by myself and juggling three part-time jobs,” says Jasmine. “I would compare myself and get upset that I did not perform as well as others. It was a very challenging point in my life.

“I honestly did not think I would get it, I thought there was always someone smarter or more capable or deserving.

Scholarship student begins Master of Social Work

Jasmine met their Excellencies the Governor-General and Mrs Linda Hurley at an event to celebrate the Tertiary Scholarship Program.

“When I found out I received the scholarship I was filled with gratitude, it gave me much more than money. I was not constantly stressed by the worry of financial stability and was able to just be a uni student. I was able to devote myself to my studies completely.”

Thanks to the scholarship, Jasmine was able to fully participate in the university experience. “I played Oztag, worked as a peer educator for Project Youth, did an internship with The Salvation Army, went to the beach with friends, went to the movies, and attempted to cook new things and experiment with new foods,” she says.

Jasmine’s compassionate character

Jasmine’s early experiences led her to develop a strong social conscience.

“Those few years of independent living inspired me to be very grateful for my home, education, friends and family,” she says.

Scholarship student begins Master of Social Work

“Graduating was one of the best feelings in the world… I was so happy and proud of myself about how far I’d come and achieved. It really was a time of reflection and being grateful for all the support and love I received.”

After graduation she worked in homeless health, supported people experiencing homelessness. She was inspired to become a social worker, to better support and help her clients. Jasmine recently commenced a Master of Social Work at the University of Sydney.

“I believe in really making a change and helping others who are in vulnerable positions, and that starts with me becoming a social worker,” she explains.

“I am enjoying my course although the workload was certainly a shock! Despite this my grades were good and I worked really hard during the semester.”

Jasmine joins the fight against COVID-19

“Given the current COVID-19 situation, I have been helping at The Homeless Health vaccination clinic. Our goal is to vaccinate the homeless, those who are at-risk, or living in social housing. It’s been very busy and intense at times, but I am glad we are working toward a good cause.

“I am hoping to become a social worker working in the hospital emergency department, as I very much like the hustle and bustle. I am also keen to keep working in homelessness, as I feel my experiences can be useful and meaningful to others I come across and help.”

Scholarship student begins Master of Social Work

We cannot express how proud we are of Jasmine and wish her all the best with her master’s.

About the Tertiary Scholarship Program

Young adults who were unable to grown up safely at home with their birth parents face compromised educational outcomes. An estimated 1% of those from out-of-home care backgrounds go on to any form of higher education, compared to around 40% of young adults in the general population.

The Sisters of Charity Foundation Tertiary Scholarship Program provides financial support so recipients can afford study expenses such as course fees and textbooks, as well as the cost of living on their own with no parental support. The scholarship gives them a greater chance of focusing on their studies, rather than having to hold down multiple jobs to survive.


How We Help

Each year we’re able to make a difference to thousands of people across the country with funds generously donated by compassionate Australians. We support initiatives that focus on benefiting the disadvantaged, marginalised and socially isolated people in our community.

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