“Changing lives is a hard job. But since you have suddenly changed mine, I believe it is possible.”

This is the kind of hope that the HoMie retail training and employment program is giving its interns – young people aged 18-25 who are affected by homelessness and hardship.

This is the story of a brand that wanted to make a difference in their community, and how a Community Grant from the Sisters of Charity Foundation helped make that happen.

How HoMie is helping young people affected by homelessness and hardship

HoMie is a Melbourne-based streetwear label and social enterprise. Its Pathway Alliance program supports these young people by building their skills, confidence and experiences to be more work-ready and better prepared for their future.

Every year HoMie selects a number of young people from its partnered Alliance Support Services to participate in 8-month paid on-the-job work experience at the HoMie street store or a HoMie Alliance-trained business. As well as allowing these young people to find their own pathway out of homelessness, the program also encourages the participating retail stores to be empathetic employers and help break the social stigmas around disadvantaged youth.

Building confidence and creating employment opportunities

After completing the program, one of the HoMie interns said, “I honestly have a lot of options, which is really nice. My path before HoMie was like, ‘I have a resume and I’ll put it in a retail store, but I won’t get it’…I did put my resume into retail stores before and I didn’t get anything. But now I can chuck some pizazz in there and be like, ‘Here’s my resume, call me!’ I feel confident now in applying.”

How did the Sisters of Charity Foundation contribute?

The Sisters of Charity Foundation helped fund the HoMie pathway project in Fitzroy, Victoria, and since then the graduates have all moved on to meaningful employment. In addition, they’ve also moved into private rental accommodation – transitioning out of supported living accommodation is another goal of the program’s goals.

“There still isn’t anything that compares to the experience…”

The interns continue to be connected to the supportive HoMie community. As one of the HoMie Pathway alumni commented: “Legit, there still isn’t anything that compares to the experience that HoMie has given me. I will forever and always be proud to be a HoMie.”

We’re proud to have supported such a great program with a Community Grant.

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