We reflect on the progress we’ve made in the last year, and the meaningful assistance we’ve provided to the poor and marginalised in our community.

New career paths found through our Tertiary Scholarship Program

Did you know that only 3% of young people who were unable to grow up at home safely with their birth parents pursue education after high school? In 2012 we launched a Tertiary Scholarship Program to empower dedicated students from out-of-home-care backgrounds to transform their lives through education. We’re excited to share the new career paths our Tertiary Scholarship Program graduates are taking.

The four students who graduated in 2018/19 were:

  • Terri Carberry with a Bachelor of Nursing
  • Serra Jurin with a Diploma of Nursing
  • Hope Quealey with a Certificate III in Vocational & Study Pathways
  • Jasmine Tran Yee with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Criminology)

We thank all of our generous donors whose contributions helped fund the scholarships awarded to the graduates.

Our Asylum Seekers Housing Program continues to provide safe and stable housing

We are grateful that our Asylum Seekers Housing Program continues to provide safe and stable housing for marginalised people on their journey to independent living.

More than 70% of asylum seekers receive no government support, often leaving them at risk of homelessness. In 2019, the partnership between the Sisters of Charity Foundation and the Asylum Seekers Centre housed 37 residents at Providence House. It’s a safe and stable environment, where people from diverse cultural backgrounds, from many regions of the world, reside while transitioning into the community.

Our Community Grants program helps many small charities have an even bigger impact

This past year saw one of our treasured partners, Fighting Chance, achieve a major goal, while we have also supported many other community organisations with innovative approaches to alleviating the effects of poverty and social isolation. We are thrilled to share these stories with you too.

In March 2019, 112 organisations successfully applied for funding. Across Australia we were able to award grants to 58 organisations, providing a total of $614,500 in funding.

Learn more about the Foundation’s work

We warmly invite you to read our Annual Review here, and learn more about the lives we’ve helped change in the last year.

How We Help

Each year we’re able to make a difference to thousands of people across the country with funds generously donated by compassionate Australians. We support initiatives that focus on benefiting the disadvantaged, marginalised and socially isolated people in our community.

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